What is this ‘HTML Canvas’ document in Flash Pro CC 13.1?

One of the major updates that hits you as soon you launch Flash Pro CC 13.1  is the newly added  ‘HTML Canvas‘ doc type .In this post we will see just what is this newly added  ‘HTML Canvas‘ doc type  and how is this different from the other legacy AS3 document types.

flash HTML 5

You might be aware ,in Flash Pro CS6(Ruben) and Flash Pro CC 13.0  you could publish assets from FLA to HTML5 using  ‘Flash Pro Toolkit for CreateJS‘ extension. As this was an extension there were numerous problems like

  • User was alerted of the un-supported features only after exporting the content
  • Very rudimentary scripting support (scripting was actually done within the comments block in actions panel)  ,etc..

Now with newly added  HTML Canvas document life has become much simpler and these pain points have been addressed.

The  ‘HTML Canvas‘ document is just like any other AS3 document with some tweaks to better suite the HTML export workflow.Below are the major differences :

  • A bouquet of features which were previously not supported for HTML publishing in Toolkit are thankfully now supported in HTML Canvas document.They are
    • Multi-symbol tween layers
    • Mismatched symbols in tween
    • Bitmap fill
    • Empty symbols
    • New Timeline bounds API
    • Custom Eases in Classic Tweens
    • Orient to Path in Classic Tweens
    • Fix for Missing fonts JS error
    • Basic support for colour effects, colour adjust filter, and blur filter.
  • From this new document you can publish assets only to HTML(you will not be able to publish swf )
  • Javascript editing support in actions panel of the new document (bye-bye  timeline scripts in comment block)
  • Along with Javascript editing ,core javascript  objects  and CreateJS api’s code hinting is introduced
  • The Publish settings panel  for this document reflects the settings for HTML export(basically settings from the Toolkit Panel have been moved to publish settings panel)
  • The content exported from this new canvas document supports the latest Create JS libraries
  •  In this new document type most of the un-supported features and tools for HTML canvas publishing are all disabled .For the complete list of un-supported features click here.
  • Also my favourite in the new document ‘Test Movie’ i.e ‘Cmd+Enter’ or ‘Ctrl+Enter’ . It publishes HTML content and opens up the published HTML content in your default browser

For even more detailed info about this new document click here

Check out the video below highlighting these new features


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