JS-Linter,a static javascript analysis extension for HTML5 Canvas documents in Flash Pro CC


Frustrated when the published content from HTML5 Canvas document appears blank in browser because of a missed brace , undefined object or a error in your timeline javascript ? Worry no more JSLinter is here to help.

Download extension here

JSLinter is a  extension for Flash Pro CC for static code analysis of timeline javascript in ’HTML5 Canvas’ docs.It helps to detect errors and potential problems in your timeline javascript code .

What does JSLinter do?

JSLinter does analysis of  javascript written on main timeline and within symbols of a HTML5 Canvas doc and reports warnings/errors if any

These warnings/errors are displayed in the JSLinter panel along with the location of the code that causes warning/error and description of warning/error.

When does JSlinter run?
JSLinter runs automatically whenever you save your file with the panel open .Else you run JSLinter explicitly by  clicking on the ’Play’ button on the bottom bar of the panel.

Other Features,
• You can navigate to the location of the error by clicking on a warning row in the panel
• Warnings in the panel can be cleared by clicking on the ’Clear’ button at the bottom bar of the panel

Download extension here

JSLinter Dark Theme

Check out the demo of this JSLinter extension in the video below.

If you find any bugs please do mail me or leave a comment below.

For static analysis JSLinter uses open-source ’JSHint’ library (https://github.com/jshint)
It also uses  ECMAScript 5 compatibility shims (https://github.com/kriskowal/es5-shim)


7 thoughts on “JS-Linter,a static javascript analysis extension for HTML5 Canvas documents in Flash Pro CC

  1. it’s working fine, but chrome broswer not support for flash canvasa conversion . like that button clickable

  2. HTML Canvas files produced by Flash Pro do work in Chrome.Where exactly are you facing problem?Is it possible to she your files?

  3. i can’t install this extension. ( Flash CC )
    i got a message from extension manager : need Flash 13.0~14.0 version
    This extension is going to be updated?

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